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Welcome Gueest

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Since the "REGISTER HERE" option doesn't connect to the website we have thought of another way for you to register for on Cool-WoW.

Just send an E-mail to one of these addresses. -

We will need the following in the e-mail:

Password confirmation:

Your account details will be saved and stored in the database.
It wouldn't be long until your account is activated and you will be ready to play as soon as the server is online.

Views: 2033 | Added by: Punjagter | Date: 03/02/2010 | Comments (7)

 Cool WoW starting is delayed because of the virus that infected our database, we apologize for the inconvenience.
   We hope server will be Up-And-Running soon.
Thank you for your patience.
Views: 1371 | Added by: eddyhack | Date: 05/01/2010 | Comments (1)

Sup guys , me and Eddy will be on Teamspeak and Xfire aswell, you guys can come join us on these chat/mic-chat programs, although we can't guarantee that we will be online at all times.

If you have a microphone and you would like to come chat with us or ask questions then download Teamspeak from the following link :

Please register at
and then join the channel "CoolWoW" under the "=-REGISTERED CHANNELS-=" or "=-UNREGISTERED CHANNELS-=" section.

For those who don't have microphones we have joined Xfire and you guys can come chat with us for either questions or information.
Download link : http://www.xfire.c ... Read more »

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The version of Cool WoW server is:

The Burning Crusade 2.4.3

We decided to use 2.4.3 because it has better repacks than the 3.x.x does.
Views: 1075 | Added by: eddyhack | Date: 25/12/2009 | Comments (2)

 This server will soon be on.. Please Comment and Rate so I can see that someone is actually here  :)       Thanks!

Our e-mail & MSN:


Hamachi server: CoolWoW 1
Hamachi password: 123

Attachments: Image 1
Views: 1591 | Added by: eddyhack | Date: 23/08/2009 | Comments (12)

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